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Sound Ideas Media specialises in high quality, low fuss video production. A creative approach, a positive and enthusiastic attitude, and many years of experience in all areas of video production help us achieve excellent results. Whether it's delivered online, on DVD or presented at an event, we are sure you'll be delighted with our production.



Most people now watch far more video content on their mobile devices and computers than their TVs. We specialise in effective, professional social video content that delivers your message effectively and memorably.




Single of multi-camera footage for all types of events. Music and theatre performances, concerts, conferences, demonstrations, festivals, celebrations, trade fairs, open air or anywhere.


Our HD footage can be edited in unlimited ways, and enhanced with graphics, music, voiceover, titles, effects, presentations and slideshows. There are so many options




In a controlled environment, we can fine tune every aspect of the lighting and camera placement, and get the exact look you need for your film project. Whether it's a promo video for your band, a corporate presentation, tutorial, webinar or advert, we can deliver a highly professional video production perfect for your online or offline needs.




Our ability to capture and document a project or event allows you to get on with running the show, and rest assured that we will capture the footage that shows it off in all it's glory.




A special service to feature a specific subject and create a unique short or feature length film production. Talk to us about your ideas and we will be happy to help you plan and implement an appropriately creative and interesting approach.




For coprorate, advertising, documenting, entertainment or any porpose - interviews are often the best way to tell your story in your own words. Our background in radio and TV journalistic interviews ensures those telling their stories are at ease and as natural as possible. Single and multi-camera options also allow for coverage of live debates and panel discussions.




We provide experienced standalone directing and production services for your project. Working with an existing team of camera operators and editors, project managers and talent, we are able to seamlessly integrate with your project's personnel to create the best possible outcome.




If you have footage and want to complete a video project, we can help you cross the finish line in style. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes and a new perspective are just whet's needed to get that project ready for an audience. Our expertise in editing, post production, grading, graphics, sound and media delivery are here for you. It's what your un-finished project is waiting for!




Our greenscreen services open up limitless possibilities for your video production. We can create the right environment for your presenter or contributor, placing them realistically in any location or situation, with matched lighting and sound ambience. It also allows you to keep your options open in the future, as backgrounds are easy to swap out if the context for your presenter's location needs to change. 





We work with an extremely talented network of 2D and 3D animation artists who are able to create unique, engaging and memorable content for your production. Fron traditional cell style anumation to state of the art CGI environments and effects.




We can plan, deliver and facilitate workshops on all aspects of video production for any age group. Sessions show participants how to plan, shoot, edit, produce and distribute creative video in any style for any purpose. Single sessions, full days, courses and projects catered for.

I worked with a group of community residents and a dance workshop facilitator to document this RVS Creative Movement session.

Care Messenger short film with Tomorrow's World legend Michael Rodd demonstrates the unique Care Messenger product.

The Share Exhibition at Woodhorn for BAIT documents a very special exhibition involving community participants and srtists.

Studio West School, in Newcastle upon Tyne, is a perfect example of a creative learning environment.

Marogild TV was a unique project that took a group of people aged 50+ and trfained them to work in the Film and TV industry

Ashtanga Yoga Newcastle

The Allen Valleys Folk Festival is now an established regional music festival, and I've worked with them every year.

The Regatta Sessions are a series of music workshops lead by Chris Sharkey to comemmorate the Blyth Tall Ships Regatta

Headway Arts is a group of creative artists and workshop facilitators in Blyth Northumberland - here's our promo film.

Author Alan Thompson's book The Coal'd War is a classic political thriller - here's the trailer we produced for it.

Working with Newcastle Estate Eagency Easiliving, we've developed many short films and e-Newsletters

Corners of Europe was an ambitious arts project that brought together 20 artist from all over Europe to work with the community.

We produced several short films for North East Career Engine for The Association of Colleges, talking to students about education.

Westway Vet Partnership is a regular client, and this short film documents the opening of a new Cat Unit in Newcastle.

Driven Serious are a very creative band, and they wanted a special video for their single Ballad of Bones.

I work regularly with Martin Stephenson & The Daintees, and this is the amazing City Hall gig from December 2015.

Jason - Thanks for this and all of your other videos and photos documenting the Bait_timeto programme. We've been able to use your work across lots of channels to spread the word about what we're up to to funders and partners. Crucially, working with you allows us to sensitively capture powerful stories from people across the area about what impact the arts has on their lives. Not all photographers and filmakers can successfully do this. Much appreciated!


Kathryn Goodfellow, BAIT

If you're taking a triathlon bike somewhere, Ship My Tri-bike are the only sensible choice - here's our short film from Mallorca.

Go and Open The Door asked us to document this amazing community dance performance in Berwick Arts Centre.

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