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Audio production, editing and all types of recording are vital to a professional production. Our expertise in audio recording, editing and production will enable you to achieve the perfect sound for your project, and also support for delivering it effectively.



We have over 20 years of audio recording and production experience, and if your project requires sound, voiceover, original or stock music, or any type of field recording, we can help deliver the perfect sound.


We can offer advice and expertise on your video soundtrack, or help you create your podcast. The power of audio for training and entertainment alike is not to be underestimated. 


We are also able to give you training on producing your own radio feature or series, including editing speech and interviews, multitracking and final production and output. Advice on audio deliver platforms such as Soundcloud, Mixcloud, iTunes, Bandcamp and other streams.


Our list of services includes:


Live event recording

Interviews and features

Original music production

Sound editing and production

Digital radio programmes

Multitrack audio recording

Podcasting & Social Audio

Voiceover artists

Audio production projects

Audio production training

Live music artists

Audio production training

Audio editing training


"Jason is that rare combination of lovely bloke and super professional business person. We've been working together for five or six years on various film, music and digital projects, and it's a pleasure every time."


Craig Puranen Wilson, The Tyneside Cinema

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